Boring Administrative Stuff

Hello and welcome to my inaugural post on this, a "journal" for Sims-related stuff, mostly downloads but possibly containing meaningless Sims-related chatter in the future and maybe some game-documenting. Since this is the first post, I need to get some boring "terms of use" for my downloadable stuff out of the way. So, here goes:
  • I share my stuff freely, and you can do whatever you like with it except that you can't put my stuff on any pay/donation site, especially not T$R. A few years back, T$R published my then-9-year-old daughter's real name and email address as a "pirate" because she shared some pay stuff that she had legitimately downloaded (because she didn't know better and had spent her own money on various subscriptions) with little-girl friends of hers, and some of the files ended up in the Booty. This "sharing" of T$R's left a very bad taste in my mouth, and I became rather vindictive. I went and bought myself subscriptions to various paysites and duly made large contributions to the Booty for a while. *laughs* And now, I want nothing to do with anyone who wants money for their creations. I would be very happy if T$R, in particular, was indeed destroyed.
  • I can't create for TS3 because my laptop won't run the game due to video card incompatibility issues as well as general age. However, if anyone would like to use my stuff to make stuff for TS3, please do feel free. If they would be helpful, I can supply anyone who asks with templates and color codes and PNGs/BMPs and such.
  • I take requests, but I cannot guarantee that I will fill them and/or that I can/will fill them in any timely manner. I am a professional musician and piano teacher, and sometimes I am hectically busy and just don't have time to create. But sometimes I have lots of time. So, whether or not I can grant any requests depends on how busy my professional life is, and that's pretty much totally luck of the draw. I also have limitations when it comes to creating. For one, I don't know how to mesh at all, so I can't create new objects, but I do very much enjoy recoloring existing objects and architectural elements. I especially enjoy making Maxis recolors and Maxis-match stuff. I also like to build lots, but I don't know that I'd want to build requested lots unless you had a specific house in mind that you could show me floor plans and pics of.
  • I don't create Sims or anything that goes on a Sim's body, and I have absolutely no plans to start doing so. It isn't where my interests lie.
  • I've been uploading to MTS for about 9 months, as I write this. Here is my profile. There are 40-odd downloads available there, mostly Build Mode stuff, but also some other stuff. Going forward, I will upload my stuff both here and at MTS, but there will be some things that you will find only here, for various reasons. Since this journal is obviously not moderated as MTS is, new stuff will appear more quickly here, sometimes much more quickly depending on how busy the poor mods over at MTS are. However, I won't be retroactively posting here the stuff I've already uploaded to MTS. Just get them at MTS, if you want 'em.

And I think that's about it! Now, on to an actual Download...

For any fellow recolorers: My Wood Colors

OK. So. I've gotten a couple of people who've asked me, over on MTS, if they can recolor stuff in my wood colors. My answer is: "Are you kidding? You want to take stuff off my massive to-do list? I love you forever!"

That said, I'm not very sophisticated. I haven't created Photoshop actions to recolor stuff, probably because I often use a slightly different process on different pieces, depending on what it is. A one-size-fits-all action just wouldn't suffice for me. No, I just have basic colors to work from, so I merely have a list of hex codes to use so that everything is more or less uniform. I guess the good news is that because this is what I do, you don't have to have Photoshop (or a program that groks Photoshop actions) to recolor stuff in my colors. :)

So, since I can't think of a good, visible place to post the list on my MTS profile, I'm a-gonna stick 'em here and link to 'em from there. If you decide you want to use these colors on stuff and you subsequently share what you make, I ask only one thing. Well, two things:

First and foremost, I'd like a link to whatever you share, particularly if it's posted somewhere other than MTS, since that's the only site I follow regularly due to general lack of time. This is mostly because I will want to have whatever you make, too, but it's also because if enough people recolor stuff in these colors, I'd like to keep a centralized list of links. That way, interested people can find other stuff more easily, with the side effect that I'll also know what I DON'T have to do.

Secondly: Please, no pay sites. My definition of a paysite is any site where ANY items, even just one, are off-limits unless you pay to get at it/them. In particular, if you put something related to my stuff on T$R and I find out about it, I will send a very ill-tempered llama to spit on you. (Seriously, we breed and sell pack-animal llamas as an income source, and The Admiral, our alpha-male stud, is a dead-eye when it comes to spitting in people's faces, which he does freely and copiously because he is one nasty mo-fo who thinks his "herd" consists of every creature on Earth and he is king of them all and must discipline them all...but, dangit, he makes beautiful babies.) Trust me, llama spit is gross. It is not something you want to endure. That said...I need to make The Admiral my icon... ;)

Anyway, behind the cut is the list of hex codes for all 20 of my wood colors. Feel free to use them as you will on anything you want, with the above requests on my part.

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Now that that's out of the way, I want to say that no, I'm not dead, and there's lots of stuff I need to upload. But...professional schedule...crammed...drowning...HELP MEEEEEEEEE! ;)

Longhollow, Ben & Jill Long, Week 6

Whut? No nekkid? No pottymouth? Why, nope, there isn't!

...Well, no pottymouth in English, anyway...

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Next time: We're back to Rupert, where among other things we'll find out if he and Mary patch things up or split up. Also, a spawn is born, making Ben a grandpa.
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Longhollow, Rupert Long, Week 5

It's been a while, sorry. I've been sitting on these. Guess I just haven't felt like messing around with pics and uploading them and posting and stuff. But here we are!

For F-bombs (It's Rupert, after all) and nekkid butts.

Before I begin, let me say that my college semesters are two, not three, days long each. Which means that two years of college equals roughly one "week" back in the main neighborhood. So, for this update, you get Rupert's freshman and sophomore years of college.

Also of note: My dorm-living Uni students free will pretty much all the time. I direct them to fulfill wants where possible, and I tend to their needs if they don't tend to them themselves. And I try to send them to a community lot fairly often if they don't roll a want to do something that requires going to one anyway, just to avoid boredom. But other than that, they're pretty much on their own, allowed to form relationships and such on their own.

Whether or not they go to class every day as well as whether or not they decide to take their final depends on their aspiration, with different aspirations having a different chance of attending class/taking finals. Knowledge Sims like Rupert pretty much always go to class, but the other aspirations don't always go, which will sometimes result in drop-outs. Because if my students go on academic probation, they must immediately drop out. That's the rule because to allow them to repeat semesters would screw up my age-synching, particularly when it comes to their siblings who don't attend college. And because my rules are such that many careers require a degree to max out AND they don't get to go to college in the first place unless they have an LTW to max out a career with such a restriction, dropping out will mean that that Sim has no chance of fulfilling his/her LTW. So...Them's the breaks.)

So, all that said, whatever you see happening when I'm documenting Uni students is pretty much stuff they decide to do all by their little pixel selves, for better or worse. Mostly for worse, it seems. So here we go...
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Next time: Back to the Home of the Patriarch, where Joy gets hitched, Kirby gets teenified, Rudolph ages up a couple of times, Rupert (Yes, Rupert) has an unfortunate encounter, and...people die? Yes, well, it happens.
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Longhollow, Week 5

For one nekkid butt, female nipples, and teenagers getting it on. *rolls eyes*

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Next time: We're off to see what Rupert gets up to at college. And what he gets up to is...Well, a lot, actually. And most of it's troublesome.
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Longhollow, Week 4

So here we are at the start of a new week. And from this point, it's going to be a you-get-a-whole-week-of-goings-on-per-household (Since Rupert will move out next week) for each update sort of thing. So, they'll be fairly large and perhaps fairly far apart. That will last until I've got a lot of households, at which point I roll over to a 2-2-3 day rotation system, so that I visit each household on a semi-regular, short-rotation basis, so that I don't get bored/frustrated with any one household. Anyway, here we go with Week 4 at La Casa Ben Long:

For nekkid butts, female nipples, and swearing. You know, the usuals.

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Next time: Rupert moves out. Joy grows up. Kirby grows up...twice. And Jill goes all wrinkly, but not before she and Ben deal me a bit of a surprise. o_O
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More Longhollow

So we're doing a lot of boring sitting around waiting at "work" today, like some cosmic April Fool's joke. So, since I for once had the foresight to bring something to do with me, I decided to put this little update together. And I decided to do it ALL in pics. So:

For female nipples. Because those are so very different from male nipples and are so horribly corrupting to the minds of the chilluns!

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Next time:

Joy grows up. Rupert grows up, too....and shows his true colors while he's at it. Multiple kinds of shit go down with poor Ben. And...nothing very exciting happens to Jill. Well, one of them needs to be boring, right?
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So I haven't forgotten about this...

I've just gotten distracted by creating stuff, farting around on Tumblr, and a new neighborhood in which I'm playing with age-modding. But since a couple of people have actually poked me about this thing lately, I decided last night to open up this neighborhood. I told myself I was just going to reacquaint myself with it, to remember what I'd been doing and such...and I ended up playing it until like 3AM. *headdesk* I found that it's "quickness" was a welcome change from the drawn-out-ness of the age-modded 'hood. As a result, I have pics for about four postings of this, I think. And this one's pretty long (HAH!) all by itself...and since I started taking pics for it, I changed out my default skins...and got a better graphics my apologies for the changes that happen mid-stream in this. :)

But I should say that this "story" is probably going to end up being the only thing that I'll be keeping on this LJ. I've pretty much totally moved over to my Tumblr instead now, just because it's easier to have (almost) everything in one place, and I'm lazy. But the one thing Tumblr isn't easier for is posting text interspersed with pictures. For that, a journaling site is definitely better, so...Here we are. But really, if you're not interested in this silly neighborhood of mine but do want downloads and such, you'd be better off de-friending this LJ (I won't be offended! :) ) and following my Tumblr, if you have a Tumblr. (If you don't, I guess you could bookmark it and check it periodically.) But anyway, Longhollow will be staying right here so without further ado:

For casual, non-pornographic nekkidness, language, and...drug use? Yup.

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I just remembered why I hate sharing lots!

I hate it because I'm utterly incapable of building anything without CC. So, when I decide to share something, it takes a small eternity to track down all the CC. But I was determined, so:

EDITY-EDIT: Forgot to mention, because I was mostly asleep when I posted this, but I have all EPs/SPs. I only used a wall from K&B, so if you don't have that or any other SP you'll have a missing wall in the bathrooms, but you'll be otherwise OK. You will likely need all EPs, though, or else crashy-crashy. Sorry 'bout that! I do need to get AGS installed on this machine so I can make lots needing fewer EPs, but I keep forgetting to put it on this machine here...

OK, NOW for the cut:

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